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The Legion of Superheroes cartoon will debut on the new CW network this fall. He had very radiant red hair and wore a costume similar to Kid Flash's only in black and red. Across his chest where a lightning bolt once was was now two lightning bolts crossing over one another in a X formation. Yeah, we have any number of things that are in some process or some stage of development or production. Robin's eyes widened just as the area in front of them became occupied. Where were the rest? I doubt it'll provide us with Millarworld -style shenanigans, but give the manga fans a few years.

From Superhero Social Commentary to Deeply Personal Memoirs, These are the Best of the Best

Aliens: Dead Orbit is a Venn diagram of awe, depression and the ghost of salvation, all splayed on 6. Saga Writer: Brian K. The first act witnessed two star-crossed alien lovers give birth to a hybrid baby, united in an us-against-the-universe struggle as two amoral armies pursued them.

The second act showed how the greatest battles—drug addiction, infidelity and doubt—can emerge in the most peaceful lulls. The third struck a personal blow against parent heroes Alana and Marko midway through. Mark Peters. As with those previous entries, Tommaso embraces every aspect of his adopted aesthetic. Fortunately, it is, and it is damn delectable. Goldstein provides no easy answers—the book is thematically driven rather than focused on plot first and foremost—but she knows how to be just difficult enough.

Hillary Brown. The plot is full of missed connections between characters and places, the meaning behind an utterance failing to jump the gap from one brain to another. All of these scenes are faintly sad, but they also have some sweetness to them. The geese, fish, deer, bears, humans, insects and rabbits who populate the book keep trying to reach one another; sometimes, but not frequently, they succeed.

The top was sleeveless and went halfway up her neck although it showed off her stomach. The pants were skin-tight as well, however went all the way down to two black, high-heeled boots. Her mask was also black. Seems on her costume were done in a crimson color and, not to Robin's shock, the arrow on her chest that on her Artemis costume was green changed to red.

Her arrows as well were on her back, but their tips were in crimson. Her hair, once kept together in a ponytail, was now loose and wild behind her. The leader figure who had just walked in looked at them and smiled. He had pale hair and dark skin. He wore a dark blue top and shinning black pants. Only on his hands were gloves that didn't extend to his fingers.

Around his body were black tattoos. He didn't wear shoes, but they all noticed his gills. Next to that, they could all easily see metal weapons held on his back. Behind his bright smile, there was something dark and hidden.

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Sexual teen angel rivas fuck dildo porn tube Next was another red headed boy. He had a strong build and stood very tall. He wore skin-tight black clothes with small diversities of grays and a few pockets in a belt around his waist.

He wore black boots as well. His top ended at the elbows, only to be continued in black gloves with square areas of showing skin on the back of his hands. His mask was black alike Robin's, but had crimson where Robin had white. His smile was slightly off as he looked at the other team.

After him was another girl. She had green skin and bright red hair that was cut short and neatly around her face. Her bright, preppy eyes and smile seemed somehow different as if in slight traces of insanity. She wore a dark blue cape with a hood. With it, she wore a sleeveless leotard that was almost completely black except for a red X on the chest.

About an inch under her knees, black boots began. With that, she also had black gloves without the fingers attached. Next was Conner. He wore a black, tight shirt with long sleeves extending into gloves. Where the symbol representing Superman once was was now replaced with the symbol backwards.

He wore the elastic pants now that most superheroes wore and also had a black cape. The inside was red like the backwards Superman symbol. He also had boots on in black with red soles. He nodded. Robin's eyes narrowed. He wished he had his old team back. It was a nightmare not knowing what happened to them every day, but he had responsibilities. Beast Boy, Raven, and Starfire wouldn't have anywhere to go if it weren't for the Titans.

And he had a strong suspicion that the same went for Cyborg, although he went into his past as little as possible. Robin could understand that. The rest of the team had similar reactions. However, Typhoon, Aqualad, kept his head held high. Team, get ready. Before he could say anything else, though, Golden Dawn stepped forward grasped his arm. The other team smiled. The rest of the team readied themselves as well.

Robin blinked. Suddenly, they were in another entire street. It was abandoned as well and he realized that he could still hear yelling and arguing from the area. His eyes behind the mask searched the area. There was a pizza joint across the street, although abandoned, and a street sign right next to it.

Barbara's Street. He finally looked at Zatanna. For me, it was an Atari , but the spirit is the same. We associate particular Christmases with what we got, and that reminds us of where we got it. Given its diverse origins — Christian, Roman, Germanic, etc. It's observed even in Japan, where it's become strangely associated with romance and dining on KFC.

Christmas is both secular and religious, commercial and spiritual, Christian and pagan. It has something to offer everyone, including a message of "peace on Earth and goodwill toward men. Labels: christmas , culture shock. Thursday, December 14, Culture Shock Somehow, the year is almost gone. And yet hardly a word has been said about marking the 40th anniversary of an American institution.

It was in , by way of the 23rd century, that the starship Enterprise set forth on its storied five-year mission. Simply put, the creative team in charge of the Franchise at the bitter end had nothing left. James T. Leonard Nimoy has left behind Mr. Spock and found a new calling as a photographer, mostly photographing nude women, which is nice work if you can get it.

Even George Takei, better known as Lt. What was I just saying about prequels being a bad idea? Labels: cult tv , culture shock , star trek. Thursday, December 07, Culture Shock There are snooty critics who see it symptomatic of civilization's decline. But the American literary canon is finally expanding to encompass some of our most influential, yet neglected, writers.

The Associated Press reported last week that the Library of America will release in a volume devoted to science-fiction writer Philip K. Although there is no shortage of Dick's stories in print, this is significant news because the Library of America is the closest thing the U. If the L of A publishes your work, you are a Significant Author.

Dick: Four Novels of the s" is scheduled for publication in June. Lethem, author of "Motherless Brooklyn" and "The Fortress of Solitude," is considered a "literary" author, although he actually has written quite a bit of genre fiction, including the futuristic "Gun, with Occasional Music. He isn't confined to the ghetto as was Dick, who died in And he's happy to do his part to assist Dick's escape.

In an interview with the blog The Elegant Variation, Lethem said, "I'm helping preside over the utter and irreversible canonization of one of my formerly outsider heroes It isn't. Last year, the Library of America elevated an even more unfairly maligned and neglected figure of genre fiction: H. And it was the positive response to "Lovecraft: Tales" that helped spawn the Dick collection, according Max Rudin, Library of America publisher, in an interview with the AP.

Lovecraft is America's most important horror writer since Edgar Allan Poe, although, like Poe, he seems to have earned greater respect in France, for whatever reason. Le Guin could be the subject of future L of A volumes, Rudin said. Genre writers are at last getting their due, just three years after the National Book Foundation controversially gave Stephen King its Distinguished Contribution to American Letters Award and sent the snobs into apoplectic fits.

Bridges can be built between the so-called popular fiction and the so-called literary fiction," King said in his acceptance speech. It's a two-way street. When Philip Roth, an undeniable member of the Literary Establishment, delves into science fiction with an alternate history novel like "The Plot Against America," it becomes far harder for critics to ignore those who've plowed the fields of SF for decades.

Then the critics might learn that Roth's plot is such a cliche in SF circles that even most hacks wouldn't touch it without giving it some new twist. If mainstream critics are forced to read unapologetic science fiction, horror and fantasy, there's no telling who will be admitted to the canon of respectable literature next. I suggest Harlan Ellison.

Labels: books , culture shock , hp lovecraft , philip k dick , sci-fi. Thursday, November 30, Culture Shock Last week, the New York tabloids and cable news pundits were buzzing about O. I have no problem with people making a buck off the few copies of O. According to an eBay spokesman, the online auction site is removing the book at HarperCollins' request.

This is no surprise, as eBay routinely removes items at the request of big media companies. The poster depicted an intense — one might even say "mean" — Simpson from his football days. And beneath the photo of O. I've got to hand it to Fox, they've managed to keep a lid on the interview so far.

If anything, it's ripping him off, which makes it a good thing. Unless Beelzebub has a devil put aside for him, O. Incompetent prosecutors and delusional jurors saved Simpson from prison. And even though Simpson lost a civil lawsuit, he has yet to pay a penny to the families of Ronald Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson. The only weapon we have left against O.

Which is why I want his disgusting and absurd book and interview to leak out to the public. Only then can skilled comedians and amateur filmmakers pick apart every sentence and every frame and turn them back on Simpson. Face it, the jokes about how O.

We need new material. You may be thinking that it's a worse punishment for O. And you may be right. But there is more to this than O. I'm thinking of all of the people who cheered when O. I'm thinking of all the people who think O. There are people in this country who believe lots of downright stupid things. They believe extraterrestrial beings from planets hundreds of light years away come to the Earth just to dissect cattle and anally probe farmers.

But it's a rare occasion when people actually get punished for believing stupid things. A rare example occurred on Jan. If they leak to the Internet, they still could be. Labels: books , culture shock , oj simpson. Thursday, November 23, Culture Shock I gather today is some sort of holiday. Now what is it? Turkey Day? That's not right.

Oh, yes. How could I forget? Well, it's easy to lose track of a holiday that has been squeezed almost to a singularity by the juggernauts of Christmas and Halloween. In terms of the amount of money Americans spend on them every year, Christmas and Halloween are easily the country's two most popular celebrations.

And that's even without anyone getting a paid day off for tricks or treats. Thanksgiving is under assault. Now, some stores put them up before Halloween. Some people complain about a "War on Christmas," in which Christmas is losing ground to other, more "politically correct" holidays. But Christmas has it easy compared to Thanksgiving. Yes, dear readers, whether you've noticed it or not, we're in the midst of a War on Thanksgiving.

And Thanksgiving is folding faster than the Polish cavalry in front of a Panzer division. It's time to take sides. So, let me be clear about this — Down with Thanksgiving! Now, nobody is going to quibble with a day off work, so assume that if we abolish Thanksgiving, we'll get something else in return. Let's face it. What's Thanksgiving for? Giving thanks? Well, if that's all, I don't need a holiday to do that, and if I do, how thankful am I, really?

Mostly, Thanksgiving is for watching football and family gatherings. The last time I checked, there was no shortage of pro football on TV, even on days not devoted to the ritual consumption of poultry. But what about all that family togetherness? That's all well and good, I suppose, if watching Aunt Margaret and Aunt Jill down a dozen glasses of sherry between them and then argue about which one of them Grandma really wanted to have the good china is your idea of a spectator sport.

Maybe Charles Schulz can help us? After all, the beloved creator of Charlie Brown and Snoopy did write a cartoon to explain the true meaning of Christmas. The only life lesson I've taken away from "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" is that jelly beans and popcorn do not go over well as Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe Thanksgiving is simply the day when we remember the Pilgrims, who, according to all the history books, came to America in search of religious freedom.

I hate to burst your bubble — well, actually, this is the sort of thing I live for — but the Pilgrims didn't come to the New World for religious freedom. When they first left England, the Pilgrims went to Holland, the most tolerant society the world had seen up to that time.

The Pilgrims had all the religious freedom there they could stand. In fact, they had too much, and were aghast that their children were taking advantage of the freedoms Holland offered. So, they packed up and came to America, not to get religious freedom, but to get away from it. Other people can celebrate that sort of thing if they want, but count me out. Labels: culture shock , history , thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 16, Culture Shock If there is one thing about which pundits both left and right agree, it's that American culture is rotten. So rotten, in fact, that it threatens the rest of the world. American culture is, in fact, more robust, more vibrant and more populist than ever before.

And that, to many on both sides of the political spectrum, is exactly the problem. We live in a world of plus channel TV, and with a TiVo, you can, for all practical purposes, program your own station. If that isn't enough, you can now download many TV shows via the Internet, often free of charge, as with Fox's offerings at MySpace.

And if you're still not satisfied, even the most obscure shows of years gone by are available on DVD. The Golden Age of Television isn't the bygone era of "Mr. Sure, you probably think 90 percent of everything on TV is a waste of time, and I agree. But there is now unprecedented diversity in American television. Competition between broadcast and cable TV stations, combined with growing competition from the Internet, is driving up the quality of that 10 percent of programming that is worth watching.

But what constitutes that 10 percent depends upon whom you ask. Other people swear by "Lost" or "Grey's Anatomy," which are perfectly respectable choices, too. And others still worship at the altar of "American Idol," proving there's no accounting for taste. But even if I hate "American Idol," that's not the point.

I'm sure there are lots of people who would never watch "Battlestar Galactica. We're not limited to three broadcast networks plus British imports on PBS. In the "good old days," TV was aimed at a mass audience. It was OK. We liked it. But is there a single show of the so-called Golden Age besides the original "Star Trek" that inspires the rabid devotion of today's cult hits?

Today's shows are aimed at a far more fragmented audience. Shows don't have to be everything to everyone. We can point our satellite dishes upward at a galaxy of possibilities. TV isn't alone. Over-the-air radio may seem increasingly bland, but with iPods and the ability to download music and talk programming from the Internet, there is something for everyone.

I don't have to pay attention to Paris Hilton, and you don't have to watch William Shatner. But at least we both have a choice. Labels: culture shock. Tuesday, March 28, The super power of words. The Los Angeles Times weighs in against Marvel and DC's joint trademark of the term "super hero" and its variations: In trademark law, the more unusual a term, the more it qualifies for protection.

We would have no quarrel with Marvel and DC had they called their superheroes "actosapiens," then trademarked that. But purely generic terms aren't entitled to protection, at least in theory. The reason is simple: Trademarks restrict speech, and to put widely used terms under private control is an assault on our language.

Link via Neilalien. Make a note of this moment because this will probably never happen again: I agree percent with Peter David : If I see one more article about Alan Moore being "swindled" by DC or how Hollywood has destroyed his graphic novel, I'm going to go on a vendetta of my own. What he said. Now, go read the entire post and the comments.

Monday, March 20, Super thieves. They didn't invent the term. They aren't the only users of the term. It's a public-domain word that belongs to all of us. February by the numbers. How on Earth did Supergirl become a top 10 book? The circulation of 13 of the top 25 floppies was up over their previous issues.

Sunday, March 19, B is for box office. Box Office Mojo crunches the numbers: Dystopian visions of the future frequently have trouble finding an audience in theaters, from Blade Runner to The Island, Brazil to Equilibrium. Friday, March 17, Face front, true believers!

Entertainment, you have 40 original projects that are currently in development? Stan Lee: Well I haven't counted them but I think that's a good guess. Yeah, we have any number of things that are in some process or some stage of development or production. Stan Lee: That's right.

Television, films, DVD's, telephone-mobisodes mini episodic television for mobile phones. Some of them may end up also being comic books. Very often a movie producer will say, "Can we do a comic book to promote this prospective movie? And certainly there's no reason not to do comics, but basically we're a film and animation company.

Holy copyright! The Center for the Study of the Public Domain, has produced a comic book to teach people about the ins and outs of copyright law: The book follows the story of a documentary maker putting together a film about life in New York City. These scenes are a reality of modern life, yet they're a nightmare for documentary producers.

The stars must be right! As if it weren't already a sure thing that I'd shell out money for WizKids' new HorrorClix Collectible Miniatures Game , shipping this summer, now I've learned that Cthulhu will be included in the first set. Cthulhu fhtagn! Of interest to comics and gaming retailers, WizKids is making the first set of all of its new products returnable.

Maybe if comics publishers would make the first three or four issues of any new series returnable, shops would have more incentive to promote new series. And publishers would have less incentive to slap a new "No. Tiny 'toon adventures. WizKids, the maker of HeroClix, is producing ToonClix , a collectible miniatures game aimed at kids ages and geeks in their mids and featuring miniatures based on both classic Looney Tunes characters and characters from newer Cartoon Network programs.

More Godzilla This is the series that teamed Japan's favorite giant monster with a seafaring team of scientists and Godzilla's pesky flying nephew, Godzookie, who at least wasn't quite as annoying as Godzilla's son, Minya.

Before Robin could answer, the girl was standing right in front of him. I don't have to pay attention to Paris Hilton, and you don't have to watch William Shatner. He started as the poster boy for the New Deal and, later, s conformity. So, why would he fly out over water and then go underwater where Namor is at his most powerful?

The 25 Best Comic Books of 2017:

Pagan elements have been with the holiday ever since, including the venerable Christmas tree. Some of them may end up also being comic books. After the failures of Iraq and Katrina, Singer's faith in the great leader seems quaint at best and dangerous at worst. Superman, however, never grows.

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