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Feel free to download, share, comment and discuss every wallpaper you like. Chris Watts Chris Watts: Voicemail left by mistress of killer dad before murders is uncovered Chris Watts, who slaughtered his wife and two daughters in Wisconsin, USA, is now serving life in prison with no chance of parole. Aliens are living things that did not originate from Earth. Calm down now! Search more high. However, this element comes with a sense of beauty.

1. Princess Neytiri – Avatar

They may not be real, but they are still the insanely popular female vixens and heroines that grace the Sc-Fi screens and movies we love to watch. In this list we focussed purely on the 10 Sexiest Female Aliens. Alien being either off-world, sentient, or non-human. The college vixen that is way more than meets the eye.

The question is, will it be worth it? If we had a number 1 on this list then Number 6 would be it. Played by the sexy Tricia Helfer, any sci-fi chick list is not complete without her on it. A total bad girl. A sexy seductress. An intimate confidante. An icy brain box. A super strong warrior. A sensitive would-be mother. Balthar is one lucky guy. She is painfully hot.

Was it even legal to show this character on TV back then? Jeri Ryan played a semi-restored Borg Voyager officer. We watched her week after week in that ribbed spandex unitard. Back then Seven of Nine was as good and as hot as it got. We absolutely loved the spandex uniforms! The super revealing outfit together with one of the hottest woman alive made this a no-brainer. In Fifth Element she can take down a room full of dog-faced aliens to the sounds of space opera.

She is the living embodiment of the Fifth Element, love. The bonus is she speaks with an accent. Sil was created in a lab when S. What is the only way you get a super hot naked chick into a PG rated movie? You paint her blue and put some layers of make-up on. Resistance is futile. At the last second, the process was interrupted and Zev fused with a carnivorous Cluster Lizard, which gave her super strength.

With lips like Angelina Jolie, few would be able to resist her! Few will remember her.

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Claudia marie nude pictures rating Princess Aurora epitomises sexiness for us geeks. She juggles Flash, Prince Barin, probably Zarkov off-screen at some point. With this reasoning you might as well just include Mexican or German people as well. News gallery. By Matthew Challis.

This bizarre image apparently shows a strange man-like creature walking slowly through a desert in Portugal. Some have said it could be a Chupacabra, a legendary Central and South American goat sucker with its first sightings in Puerto Rico. This screen grab of a Youtube video is said to show proof that a race of small, human-esque aliens are living on Mars.

The dark, thin 'alien' is proof that extra-terrestrials exist, claims Tyler Glockner from SecureTeam However some claim it's just a shadow in a rock. This the 'alien' creature first appeared on reddit with the comment "Friend found this outside her house. WTF indeed Users instantly began theorizing about what it may be.

Some believed it to be an alien, while others said it could be a miscarried animal. Image: Imgur 3 of 8. Scientists struggled to work out the discovery of this 'mysterious skull', found on the banks of Rover Kovashi. One researcher was quoted as saying: "It seems that this body is neither fish nor fowl - this creature has a mysterious skull, no neck and wings.

Image: YouTube 4 of 8. Alien hunters think they finally captured the Slender Man on camera -and believe the paranormal being has a base on Earth. Alien enthusiasts say the Slender Man's appearance is consistent with sightings in Mexico and the 'aliens' may be hiding in Central American volcanoes. This mind-boggling picture of a strange 'skeleton' shape on Mars could be proof aliens once lived there, according to space conspiracy theorists.

Dust-covered bone shapes measuring several inches across are clearly visible, alongside what looks like a tiny head, a pint-sized torso and two baby arms. Image: NASA 6 of 8.

The dark, thin 'alien' is proof that extra-terrestrials exist, claims Tyler Glockner from SecureTeam Don't forget to share, discuss and vote for pictures! Princess Aurora epitomises sexiness for us geeks. Few will remember her. Search more high. Played by the sexy Tricia Helfer, any sci-fi chick list is not complete without her on it. Moe Badderman on April 30, at am.

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